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Trade Following for Immediate Forex Success

  • Literally hands-off operation after MT4/EA initial setup.
  • NO optimization required!
  • The default parameters work just fine.
  • The mirrored source account is optimized daily.


Peak Performance is the Goal

  • Check out the performance for yourself.
  • 24 pairs shown.
  • You can cherry-pick pairs for your best results.
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No Charge for the First 90 days.

  • We will set you up with an Expert Advisor (EA; robot)  on MT4 to follow (mirror) our trades.
  • You will be in complete control, including on/off, lot size, pairs traded, etc.

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Trade Following (Mirroring)

Setup an EA (robot) on your MT4 platform and activate your account number. Update the appropriate parameters like lot size per trade and trade pairs, if desired, and go. Basic MetaTrader 4 knowledge and a live or demo trading account are prerequisites. Step-by-step instructions are provided. We can help you install, setup and activate the mirroring EA via remote desktop for a fee.

Performance Results

The report stays it all.

No charge for the first 90 days.

Unlike most other services, we want to make sure you are profitable before spending anything on live trading. The trial is based on your knowing how to trade Forex futures via the MetaTrader 4 trading platform using an expert advisor. A demo account for the trial period is recommended, but you can use a live one if you wish. Almost any broker of your choice will work. Oanda is preferred, but not necessary. Limit one free trial per family.

If you decide to continue...

... after the generous trial period, the fee is 15% of your yearly net profits up to a maximum of US$15,000 per year per trading account, payable monthly. You must provide a read-only password to your account for verification of profits. You can pre-pay the $15K/yr fee if you do not want us poking around in your account. You will be invoiced via PayPal for payments. If you choose not to pay, the mirroring will simply stop working. There is no contract. You can stop at any time. Nominal re-start ($100) and commission fees may apply. You cannot restart the service unless all fees are paid, plus you must pre-pay for one month. If you choose to restart, you account may be reviewed. Service is subject to availability as the internet and power may be down at times. We are not responsible for your losses as we have no control what you actually do with our signals. We provide our signals "as-is" with no guarantee of any kind. You will have to determine suitability in your particular situation.